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You did an excellent job, all 10’s!!

Michael and Nancy, Property Owners

I love working with you guys! Always a fast turnaround and you always find me good renters! Thank you!

Kathleen, Property Owner

Your team was very professional courteous.  Great communicators! You walked us through the process of renting as first time clients.

Keith and Stephanie, Property Owners

You did an awesome job.  I am very satisfied with your service.

Mohsen, Property Owner

Thanks.  Good job!

Sara, Property Owner

You assisted us from two perspectives. You helped us find a rental property and you helped us rent our property. In both cases you were kind, friendlym communicative and professional. Throughout each process you kept us informed seeming to anticipate our need to know. You are great!!

Richard, Property Owner

Your team did a good job, perfect score!

Lillian, Property Owner

Your team was courteous and knowledgeable on the market.  Very professional and easy to reach anytime.

Suresh, Property Owner

You were great to work with! You have been so helpful with this!

Marc, Property Owner

Excellent job.

Praveen, Property Owner

You are the best.  You are 3 for 3 placing families in our home!

Mark & Faith, Property Owners

Nice work!!

Ken, Property Owner

I’ve worked with your company placing tenants in two of my properties.  You’ve kept me informed of all showings, provided feedback on what needs to be done to the properties and made sure all work is complete; so highly recommend.

Robert, Property Owner

Your advice and expertise has given me great confidence that my home will continue to be a good investment with quality tenants and good cash flow.

Jonathon and Cheryl, Property Owners

You are amazing!  Consummate professionals who clearly advocate for the owner and the renter! The perfect matchmaker!

George, Property Owner

You did an excellent job.

Shahla, Property Owner

You did a great job.

Peter, Property Owner

Good job, I rate you a 40 out of 40.

Jacob, Property Owner

You are the best possible sales people for this!

Dan and Carol, Property Owners

You were great to work with, always communicating with me and giving me updates with the condo and renters.

Anthony, Property Owner

Thank you.  I rate my experience 40 out of 40.

Randy, Property Owner

We are very pleased with the service; we give you a perfect 40 out of 40!”

Scott and Staci, Property Owners

You did a fantastic job!

Richard and Donna, Property Owners

You were very nice, every time we spoke it’s as though we have been friends for a long time. I highly recommend your services.

Lilly G, Property Owner

You did an excellent job!

Robert and Karmen, Property Owners

You are very professional and personable.  You were honest, helpful, respectful and all-around good people who put us at ease. People trust you to get the job done in an acceptable timeline with positive results. We appreciate working with you.

Maureen, Property Owner

You were very patent and your recommendations helpful.

Dan, Property Owner

I rate my experience 40 out of 40, thank you.

Frank, Property Owner

I was very impressed with the short amount of time it took to find a tenant. I also appreciate your flexibility and willingness to work with our lease agreement.

GBH, Property Owner

I’m so pleased with the stellar performance I received from you.  Thanks to your years of expertise and professionalism, I now have a high quality long term tenant that I never would have secured. While I spent a short amount of time preparing the property for a new tenant you spent time advertising, sorting and verifying qualified applicants. This joint effort was a huge time and effort saver. The benefits of using this service will pay off in a short amount of time.

Rhonda, Property Owner

I had a great experience! 40 out of 40

Peter, Property Owner

Outstanding job.  Constantly informing all parties of their options – sealed the deal quickly & courteously.

Christopher, Property Owner

You did everything quite well. Wonderful process in terms of taking care of details and questions. Very knowledgeable, excellent grasp of preparation needed and especially responsive.

Chris, Property Owner

Great responsiveness and honesty. Will definitely be back if re-rental comes up.

Brent, Property Owner

I was extremely pleased with your performance. I could not ask for anything more. Exceeded all expectations! Thanks.

Peter, Property Owner

So far this has worked out great. You did a great job!!

Marc, Property Owner

You brought high quality vetted renters that matched my high standards of renters. We appreciate your professionalism and responsiveness to every need I had.

Michael – Property Owner

Excellent service!

Joanne, Property Owner

Very professional and worked so hard. My house was rented out in three days after we met.  You selected the right renter for us. You also has very good communication skills overall. I am a very satisfied customer.

Junxin, Property Owner

You did a superb job.

Dan & Carol, Property Owners

You were considerate professionals and great communicators. You make the process easy for prospective landlords. I highly recommend you to anyone who wants to rent their house.

David, Property Owner

You treated my house as if it were your own. I had great piece of mind that you had done excellent checks on the tenants’ background and eligibility. Great process.

Aiman, Property Owner

There is an old saying – stick with what works and you  are awesome. I have been working with your company for a few years now and you have always done what is best for me. You listen to my concerns and get me results.

James, Property Owner

Your team is always one step ahead. You always told us not to worry and we learned through experience that you were right. We would NOT be renting out our house if it were not for your company.  You turned our situation into an easy investment.

Mike & Faith, Property Owners

When we hired your company to help rent out our property, you started working on it right away. Three days later, our house was rented out. The second time when we needed your help, you found a perfect tenant to fit our needs. Your service is wonderful.

Junxin, Property Owner

You found an ideal tenant for us. You worked hard to show the property to prospective renters and were very responsive and professional.

Jessica, Property Owner

I like the tenants you brought us. They are thoroughly screened which leads to very professional and business like relationships.

Verla, Property Owner

Your company is always professional and courteous. Your process is thorough and your recommendations are on target and well thought out. A pleasure to work with!

Jack, Property Owner

Your service was excellent! You were 10 times better than the last rental company I used.

Mary Fran, Property Owner

You found an ideal tenant for us. You worked hard to show the condo to prospective renters and were very responsive and professional.

Jack, Property Owner

Outstanding job. Consistently informing all parties of their options. Sealed the deal quickly and courteously.

Christopher, Property Owner

I was very grateful to find your company that helps landlords find good tenants. My property was vacant for over a year.  You were wonderful to work with and very helpful in finding a suitable tenant.

Arlene, Property Owner

You found me the perfect tenant responsible, qualified and easy to work with.

Paul, Property Owner

I started using your service several years ago. I now look to you to solve all my rental problems.  You are a great company to work with!

Judith, Property Owner

Your team has found excellent tenants for me twice now. The tenants were well screened and properly introduced into their new home. You also assisted with the old tenant moving out thus providing a ‘closed loop’ which was much appreciated!

Kevin, Property Owner

I’m very happy with your firm. This is the third time we’ve used your service successfully.

David, Property Owner

Dear Beau: You are to be complimented in the staff you maintain to represent your firm. We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the help of your team in resolving the issues we experienced with obtaining credit reports…your staff went above and beyond what we would call routine service…they were instrumental in our leasing the property. Your professionalism and follow up coupled with your enthusiasm made doing business with your firm easy.

Theresa, Tenant

Your team was great. Your team sent updates through email (my preferred method of communication) and answered/addressed all my questions and concerns.

Laura, Property Owner

I will refer other property owners to your service! Initially I was not planning to use your service because I thought I could do it on my own. In the end, my call to your company was the best call I ever made!

Tom and Susan, Property Owners

I rate my experience a 10 out of 10!

Michael, Property Owner

I spoke with my your company about filling one of my rental properties. You not only got it done but you were very courteous with removing your shoes when entering the house since I just redid the hardwood floors. Your team was awesome. I wouldn’t work with anyone else.

James, Property Owner

I rate your team a 40 out of 40.

Martin, Property Owner

Glad you helped us find a great tenant. Very good experience!.

Rube & Bev, Property Owners

I’m extremely satisfied since you have leased two of my properties in the last 12 months. Your team is the best! I rate my experience a 10+ out of 10.

David, Property Owner

I was very happy with your professionalism and ease of getting a great tenant. The whole process was really smooth and you have a really good network of tenants so you are able to match them with a property quickly.

Joyideep, Property Owner

Excellent service! We got good tenants. Enjoy working with you. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Mike, Property Owner

Your team was always professional and your follow-up was outstanding. I love working with you. I rate you a 10 out of 10.

Julie, Property Owner and Realtor

Our home has been rented twice with little-to-no work on our part by using your company.  Further, our renters have been excellent because of the thorough vetting process process provided.  Thank you!

Ryan & Bridget, Property Owners

Your team was amazing! You rented our house in no time and found great renters. You were extremely professional and responsible the whole time. In the future I will use your company again without any hesitation. Your service is especially perfect for landlords who don’t live in the area and want the security of knowing their home is in good hands. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Jameson, Property Owner

This is the second time I’ve worked with your group.  Your professionalism, attention to detail and enthusiasm are terrific. I will always work with you in the future!

Bonny, Property Owner

Your team was amazing! Extremely helpful and professional!

Deborah, Property Owner

Your company was excellent. Your tenacity and professionalism made our experience well worth the money. Thank you!

Anna & Ben, Property Owners

I thoroughly enjoyed working with you.  As new landlords, your expertise was invaluable. Helping us move from our renovation to marketing the duplex, to tenant screening and finally to the exchange of keys! You were professional, friendly and a joy to know.

Frank & Linda, Property Owners

Your team was outstanding! You made leasing look really easy! Your process is excellent. I was confident that you checked the tenant’s records and you dotted all I’s and crossed all T’s in the lease agreement.

Alman, Property Owner

Your team did a great job screening potential renters to find a good match.

Ron, Property Owner

Great communication and follow up. Was kept informed every step of the process. We live 2000 miles from our rental property and you made a new lease happen quickly and professionally.

James and BG, Property Owners

We had our first contact with your group on a Monday. On Thursday of that week you had tenants who had already applied. By the following Monday the lease was signed!

William & Carol, Property Owners

Your service is especially appealing for corporate rentals because people transferring can trust this company.

Anne, Property Owner

I rate my experience a perfect 40 out of 40.

Darshan, Property Owner

Your team helped us a lot in choosing the right tenant. We really appreciated your work.

Victor and Shelly, Property Owners

Your team did a great job finding us two tenants in a very timely manner. We would happily use this service again.

Traci, Property Owner

I give my experience a perfect score.

Todd and Pam, Property Owners

Very affordable, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Your team had my condo rented within a week! I would for sure use your service again.

Jake, Property Owner

I have been working with your company for over 2 years now and I couldn’t be more pleased. Every time I have a question or concern my you’re right there to make things smooth. In the future whenever I need a tenant you will be there first and only company I call.

James, Property Owner

My experience was great. I score it 40 out of 40!

Melanie, Property Owner

Trying to find good tenants for an upper end apartment right before Christmas struck me as hapless especially given the awful weather. But my your team said you could do it and by golly you did! We are delighted! The tenants were relocating from across the country and signed sight unseen. (I think they are happy too) Talk about building trust!

Caroline A., Property Owner

Your team communicated well. That’s what works for us! We give our experience a perfect score.

Reynolds and Linda, Property Owner

Your team was great to work with and very helpful. Thanks!

George, Property Owner

I’m truly impressed. I cannot imagine not having this service. I no longer have to worry about renting out my apartment again. You took care of everything!

Kathy, Property Owner

Your team has been great to work with!! Thank you.

Brian & Andrea, Property Owners

Your group is very professional. You take the risk out of renting by carefully screening potential tenants and putting themselves between me and difficult people.

Lori, Property Owner

I rate my experience a 40 out of 40.

Gary, Property Owner

Your company was a huge help in securing a tenant for our condo! We couldn’t have done it as fast or as efficiently on our own.

Daniel & Andrea, Property Owners

I used a competitor previously with no success. After hiring your company I was matched with an agent who understood my needs and the place was rented in just a few weeks. Great job! I recommend property owners hire your team and stay away from the other guys!

Jonathan, Property Owner

Your team gets a perfect score.

Sarah, Property Manager

We worked with your team to secure a new lease on our home.  I want to let you know what a terrific job your team did and I would recommend you to anyone.  Many thanks for having such a hard working team.

B.G., Property Owner

Great experience! This is our second time using your service. Worked out well in a short period of time.

Joe, Property Owner

Your team was wonderful to work.  You were very customer centric!

Donnel & Summer, Property Owners

I give my my experience a rating of 40 out of 40.

Merlin, Property Owner

Your team was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure working with you.  A+ service.

Patricia, Property Owner

Could not have asked for a better experience! So worth doing. Take all the guess work and frustration out of leasing your property.

Susan, Property Owner

My situation was complicated. Your team was very understanding and helpful with the stress and issues trying to get my home rented.

Noel, Property Owner

Awesome job! Your team provided a great and valuable service that put a quality tenant in my duplex and saved me in a very short time frame. You saved me money and a significant amount of time in the process.

Darlene, Property Owner

I rate my experience a 40 out of 40.

Randall, Property Owner

We are very satisfied with all the work that your agency did and how quickly you got us our tenants. The tenants seem very nice and we are very satisfied.

Barbara, Property Owner

Your group gets perfect score!

Joanne, Property Owner

Your team was fantastic! You were very helpful, available to answer my questions, and quickly rented my house! I will use your service again next time my property is vacated!

Suzanne, Property Owner

I give your company a perfect score!

Kathleen, Property Owner

Your team was really responsive and friendly.

Khemanong, Property Owner

I found working with your team to be a very positive experience. You were professional and pleasant. I will certainly use your service in the future.

Judith, Property Owner

Your group was able to get tenants at a price level never experienced before in my 15 years! You provided me with time so I could attend to other matters.

Marshall, Property Owner

I am so happy with your service. You were able to find a qualified renter very quickly and really made my life easy. I’ve already told other property owners like myself how effective your service really is.

Meg, Property Owner

Your company provides quality tenants and the invaluable service of checking landlord references, employment verification, and credit and criminal background checks. I will use your services in the future and highly recommend you!

James, Property Owner

I give my experience a rating of 40 out of 40!

Deb, Property Owner

Your company helped me find tenants for two of my properties. You were very friendly, professional and effective. I have been pleased with all the tenants you’ve found for my rentals. I plan to use your service to find all my tenants in the future.

Ram, Property Owner

I rate my experience a 10 out of 10!

Paul, Property Owner

The whole process went smooth. Your team was wonderful to work with! We weren’t sure what to expect because this was the first time working with your company. We will definitely use you again.

Christi and James, Property Owners

Your team was very helpful in showing us properties, assisting in the application process and signing the lease. I would definitely recommend you.

Christina, Tenant

We could not be happier with the service. Within 4 days of our initial contact with you we had three applications to rent our condo and three weeks later we have a great tenant in the condo. We feel very comfortable with this tenant based on all the background checks done and don’t think we would have been able to do this on our own.

Kim, Property Owner

As first time landlord we had already had negative experiences finding our own tenants. Thanks to your company we began renting to only the most qualified tenants. NO ONE even remotely shady was ever presented to us by your team.  You did an excellent job watching our backs!

James and Michelle, Property Owners

Your team was very professional, efficient and responsive. You secured a great tenant very quickly. I am very happy with the service we were provided and we would highly recommend you.

Jeff, Property Owner

Your team was very prompt, friendly and professional. I was very satisfied with your services.

Ruth, Property Owner

No screening, no showing, extensive marketing and a better chance of getting a better tenant that meets your requirements. None hassles of showings, no shows, applications, etc. I will use you again in the future and would recommend anyone in my situation to do the same.

Robert, Property Owner

We enjoyed working with your team. You were very enthusiastic and found nice renters for our property within just a few days of listing with you.

Charles and LeeAnn, Property Owners

Your company does a great job. I recommend you all the time.

Terry, Realtor

If you’re looking for a company that goes the extra mile then your company is the right fit. Great customer service and great turnaround on processing rental applications. Your team was especially pleasant to work with, efficient, and dependable. I highly recommend you  renters and landlords too!

Alexis, Tenant

You were able to find a renter in barely over a week during the slow time of winter and at the rental rate I wanted. You were very professional with impeccable service.

Scott, Property Owner

We are very pleased with the service. You did a great job in a short amount of time. We would recommend your services.

Maureen, Property Owner

We were concerned that the summer period was running out but in two weeks you had us a qualified tenant.

Mark, Property Owner

Your team was both personable and professional. You were always quick to respond to my calls and emails. We enjoyed working with you and would hire you again.

David and Amy, Property Owners

I found your team to be sweet and friendly who was able to answer all my questions.

Annee, Property Owner

I couldn’t have asked for any better assistance than I received from your team.  You were helpful in every way possible. You were always positive.

Sara, Property Owner

I was very impressed with your service. I listed my condo with you and within two weeks you had a tenant in lease. You worked hard and got the job done. I will be giving you a call the next time I need a tenant.

Kesama, Property Owner

Incredibly fast response and placement.

Sean, Property Owner

I couldn’t be happier with my experience. Within two weeks you had a great tenant in lease for my duplex in Shorewood. Your service allowed me to focus my energy on my work and family.

Brian, Property Owner

Your company is the reason we began offering luxury hotel apartments at the Milwaukee Athletic Club. Our apartment offering has been a huge success and we owe it all to you.  I highly recommend their services to property owners.

Lorenzo, Club Manager

Your team was very helpful and made this very easy.

Ed, Property Owner

Awesome company but you need to text message more! LOL!

Michael, Property Owner

Your team was fantastic! You were thorough and very professional. You had prospects immediately and when one did not work out you handled it. I will never rent on my own again. You have a client for as long as I have a rental property!

Lori, Property Owner

Your team understood exactly what we did and didn’t want. Your knowledge of our neighborhood and the market enabled us to get exactly the kind of tenant and financial terms we desired. I am a happy customer.

Lee, Property Owner

I give my experience a 10!

Pam & Todd, Property Owners

Your team was very friendly and always concerned about your client’s welfare…and anyone that can put up with my girlfriend is a saint!

Tim, Property Owner

Your team was wonderful to work with! We needed someone to help us find a tenant for our downtown condo because we relocated to Ohio. Your team found us the perfect tenant the first weekend you showed the property. We are thrilled. Thank you for your help!

Daniel & Andrea, Property Owners

Your team was very responsive and friendly. You were very easy to talk to. I think the best thing I can say about you is that you were flexible and easy to work with.  If you are a busy professional and do not have time for the hassles of finding a qualified tenant then your company is the perfect solution.

Caroline, Property Owner

I give my experience a 40 out of 40 rating!

Chu, Property Owner

Your team is my go-to leasing agency!

Joe, Property Owner

I give your company a perfect score!

Scott & Staci, Property Owners

Your team was enjoyable to work with and always returned my calls.

Joe and Kathy, Property Owners

This was a very smooth process. It was wonderful to not worry about being in town to show the unit. I live out of town and this is a great alternative to get a quality tenant for a rental unit.

Sonja, Property Owner

Your team had sincere concern regarding the difficulty we were having renting apartments. You did a great job.  I give your team high ratings!

Franz, Property Manager

When I moved and couldn’t sell my house I worried about what to do. I don’t know much about finding tenants and setting up a lease. After a quick online application and a phone call our house was on the renters’s market. After one showing we got good interest and found renters with great references. The whole process was quick and painless and now we are not paying for a house we do not live in.

Luke, Property Owner

Everything was done professionally. Great experience. your team was super!

James & Marlene, Property Owners

Your company was great to work with. Your team listened to my concerns and wishes and found me a good tenant not to mention the time you saved me with renting my last two properties. I will definitely use your services again!

Leigh, Property Owner

I give my experience all 10’s! Thanks!!!

Peter Geary, Property Owner

Your company gets a great review from us!

Robert & Cindy, Property Owners

I love working with you.  We get things done!

Leigh, Property Owner

Your team was easy to work with, professional and thorough.  It has been a great experience and I will use your service again.

Jeff, Property Owner

I give your team a perfect score!

Ruth, Property Owner

This was the easiest home rental I have done so far this year!

Lynda, Property Owner

We were hesitant about renting out our home but you put us at ease and in return found us a great tenant! Thank you!

Jason & Nicole, Property Owners

My experience dealing with your team was very good.  You were very honest and sincerely looking out for my best interests. I certainly would recommend your service to other potential clients!

Patricia, Property Owner

I give your team a perfect score. I will be happy to share my experience with others I talk with.

RJ, Property Owner

Even though we had to pull our listing for a few months while repairs were completed you were ready to go when we needed a tenant. Considering it was during the Christmas holidays you got the place rented surprisingly fast.

Joe, Property Owner

Your team was great!

Martin, Property Owner

You made this process very easy and you were very knowledgeable about the market. On our own we would have tried to rent our property for a lot less.

Robert and Linda, Property Owners

You were very attentive to our needs and wants. You were quick to respond to our questions and concerns. A very positive experience.

Michael & Lois, Property Owners

I really appreciated your expertise.  I rate my experience a 10+ out of 10!

Annette, Property Owner

I was very impressed. You were on time and dependable.

Robert, Property Owner

My experience was great!

Rob and Karmen, Property Owners

Your team was most pleasant and detailed.

Richard and Clarice, Property Owners

Your team was very professional and knew exactly what you were doing. You were very responsive to my phone calls and emails. I am very satisfied with the service I got.

Chip and Christina, Property Owners

We were worried about finding renters in less than a month and you came through for us! Thank you!

Dan and Michelle, Property Owners

I give my experience a rating of 40 out of 40.

Jeffrey, Property Owner

Professional and timely management of my rental needs.

Alpha, Property Owner

You were very forthcoming about the prospects of finding a renter. Overall it was a great experience.

Thoma, Property Owner

We give you a high score!

John amd Erin, Property Owners

You made renting out our duplex a breeze! Within just two weeks you took care of the listing, showings and brought us a credit worthy renter. Wish we would have used your service all along!

Jim and Marianne, Property Owners

You were fantastic pros to deal with!

Ted, Property Owner

Overall it was a very good experience. I live in Chicago so it’s difficult to manage the leasing process. I’d rented the property on my own in the past but my methods just don’t work anymore. I called you and you stepped up and had a tenant for me in a few weeks during tough time of year (the holidays)!

Mike, Property Owner

You were true professionals.  You found the perfect couple in two days!  A pleasure to work with.

Dan and Carol, Property Owners

I rate my experience a 40 out of 40.

Michael, Property Owner

We love your service. You did a great job!

Mary Kay, Property Owner

You came right out and then showed the property the next weekend.  You found a tenant for us quickly.

Todd and Leanne, Property Owners

You were professional and active. Overall I am very happy and would recommend my friends to you.

Mongluk, Property Owner

The experience exceeded our expectations on getting the rent and the tenant we wanted.

Clyde, Property Owner

I rate my experience a 40 out of 40.

Shannon, Property Owner

I would recommend your company to everyone.

Alec, Property Owner