How it Works | 

Step 1:  Sign Up

It takes less than 30 seconds to sign up by completing our “Listing Agreement.”  Once completed, we match you with an agent in our office who will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a tour of the property.  (Click here to sign up now)

Step 2:  The Tenant

We execute a professional marketing plan.  We offer your property to our renter clients and the world.  We give tours of the property until we’ve found a tenant you approve.

Step 3:  The Application

The tenant pays a reservation deposit equal to one months rent.  We provide you with the completed applications plus industry best background checks.  (This is critical.  Never for any reason skip this step.)  These background checks are free.

 Step 4:  The Lease

We draft the lease and the other documents required by the state.  You can sign the lease electronically from a computer or smart phone in less than one minute.  Once signed, we earn a success fee equal to one month’s rent which we are already holding as the reservation deposit.  There are no other fees throughout the process.

Step 5:  The Guarantee

We guarantee the lease.  If the tenant breaks the lease for any reason, we will place a new tenant in the property at no cost to you.